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Get printablewireframes, mockup and sketchpads

If you love to draw your idea on paper and want some good sketchpad templates to speed up your design process. Grab UIPRINTS.

Free for both personal and commercial use • v1.0.1 • Github

What designers are saying

These templates will be an invaluable resource to any UX project. Giving you the ability to quickly wireframe your ideas and produce rapid prototypes.

These mockups are really helpful to quickly sketch out an idea or a wireframe and get feedback from the stakeholders. Having our sketches drawn out on in a device helps to put things in perspective.

These printable Mockups are a must-have tool for UI/UX designers. The blank paper feels so old compared to these, giving you the ability to quickly draw clean wireframes and to stay better organized on your projects.

UI mock ups has really helped me to sketch down my ideas and create quick real time wireframes on paper as well as on computer. These mock-ups has increase quick ideation and implementation.

Wireframing = visual brainstorming. If you skip this step, you’re just taking orders from your client and there is a big risk that it will be quite confusing for the user. So if you’re planning to launch successful product, you need to get those sketchpads. Highly recommended 💪

If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings. So what would be the worth of a predefined wireframe kit which has printed dotes and phones on. Also, you can print on any paper, are you kidding me? Hell yeah, let's bring it.

Every interaction you design, you put a deep sense of thought into it, and the paper sketchpads are the best way to visualise experiences, and experiment with it. Great job with UIPrint @realvjy